We pride ourselves in finding solutions that save you money and
systems that make running your business easier.

Strategic Advice

Starting up a new business can be very daunting with so many aspects to consider - finance, tax, national insurance, legal structure. At Gall Robertson our services are designed to help your business overcome the hurdles that trip up 80% of new businesses, and to help you on the road to success.

If all you need is an accountant to file your annual tax return or prepare your end of year accounts, we’re happy to do just that. But we also offer advice on profitability, structuring the business, optimising cash flow and a number of essential support services for running and growing your new business.

We know you will have lots of questions and decisions to make, that’s why we offer a free no obligation meeting for all new start businesses.

We also have excellent relationships with bankers, solicitors and funding providers, ensuring we are up-to-date on all aspects of the start-up process and able to point you in the right direction when you need specialist advice or services.

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